Free Junk Car Pick-Up In South Florida

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Did you know you can get rid of a junk car for free in South Florida? They are a junk car scammer if anyone has told you that you have to pay them. You do not have to pay a tow company to come and remove and dispose of your vehicle.

When you have an old car you want to get rid of, you can do it for free by calling a local junk car towing company like ours to come and pick up the vehicle. Just provide us with a copy of the vehicle’s title, and we’ll haul it away for free.

Don’t Pay For Junk Car Removal

It would be best if you refused to pay anyone who tells you that it costs money for junk car removal services. If your car, truck or SUV has the catalytic converter intact, you can get paid cash for your junk vehicle. Junk car buyers are in the business of buying cars, meaning they will pay you for your vehicle. Instead of just getting rid of it for free, you can make some quick cash. Why not pocket a few hundred bucks for your used car instead of nothing or, even worse, paying someone for junk car removal when they should have paid you.

Get Your Junk Car Picked Up For Free

If your junk car is located in South Florida, give Native Towing & Transport a call, or you can request an instant cash quote for your vehicle online. For those located elsewhere in Florida or the United States, your best option for finding a trusted junk car removal service is to search online and review customer reviews for towing companies that buy junk cars in your local area.

Sell My Car Free Pick Up Service

When you sell your junk car, junk car buyers should not include removal or disposal fees in the sales transaction between you and them. An example of a fee would be a tow charge for removing the junk car from your property. It’s industry standard for junk car buyers not to charge car sellers a fee to transport the vehicle away. Instead, car junkers should provide you with a cash payment, a bill of sale for the transaction and free tow removal service.