How Do I Sell a Broken Down Car?

Your car just broke down and now you’re stuck with a clunker that you need to get rid of. Selling a vehicle that has broken down and is no longer worth fixing can be sold for cash to a towing company that buys junk cars for cash. Vehicles that have blown engines or transmission damage can be too expensive to fix or not worth fixing due to the age of the car. Usually, it’s better to sell your vehicle for cash than to put more money into fixing it. You’ll get paid cash for your broken down car when you call a junk car removal company like Native Towing and Transport.

At some point, your vehicle will just not be worth fixing and you’ll need to make arrangements to have the vehicle disposed of. The cost of replacing broken parts only to have another breakdown can be frustrating if you don’t have enough money to keep fixing it. This is when a local junk car buying company can come to the rescue. They’ll give you an instant cash offer for your car, truck or SUV.

Who Buys Cars That Do Not Run?

In South Florida, you’ll find tons of companies who will buy cars that no longer work. Local tow companies are usually the best choice to sell your broken car to. Dealerships do not want vehicles that no longer work so we recommend you don’t waste your time calling them. Instead, local vehicle junkers and junkyards are constantly on the lookout for broken and damaged vehicles.

Sell Damaged Vehicle For Cash

Vehicles with mechanical or cosmetic damage are not worthless. Broken-down cars can still be sold when you contact a junker. The junk car buyer will ask you a few questions about your vehicle to determine the fair market value. Most junk vehicles are purchased for a few hundred dollars with the average junk car cash payment being around $300 per vehicle.

Some cars, trucks and SUVs can get you up to $500 or more depending on the year, make and model. Newer vehicles, less than 10 years old can fetch you even more money because of the demand for used replacement parts that are pulled from broken vehicles and resold. You may need to call a few companies to find out who will pay you the most money for your junk vehicle.

Instant Cash For Your Broken Car, Truck or SUV

Want instant cash for your broken vehicle? You’re in luck, we pay cash same-day for vehicles in South Florida. When you contact our tow company to sell your junk vehicle, we’ll give you an instant quote to purchase your vehicle for cash. If you accept our offer, we’ll make arrangements to pick up the vehicle. You’ll get paid in cash and we’ll tow the vehicle away free of charge.