We Buy Junk Cars in Lake Worth

When you’re ready to sell your junk car in Lake Worth, you’ll want to call the best tow company in town, Native Towing and Transport, to buy it. We pay you an honest rate for your junk car, truck or SUV. When you call us to buy your junk vehicle, we’ll give you an instant quote over the phone, or you can request one directly on our website. If you accept the offer, we’ll dispatch a tow truck to your location.

Upon arrival, we’ll need a copy of the vehicle’s title and a state-issued ID to verify ownership. We’ll load up your vehicle on our tow truck, and you’ll get paid cash on the spot for your junk car the same day. Our company will also take care of the salvage paperwork. Once your vehicle is officially marked as salvaged by the State of Florida, you’re no longer responsible for paying the annual registration fee.

Junkyard Lake Worth

Junkyards in Lake Worth buy cars; however, you’re better off selling your junk vehicle to a tow company that specializes in buying cars for cash. You’ll get a much better cash offer for your junk car from a junk car buyer than you will from a junkyard. Why? Junk car buyers are tow truck drivers, and they can tow your vehicle away, whereas junkyards typically have to outsource towing your junk car to their salvage yard, which means they’ll pass the cost on to you by low-balling the cash offer.

Sell My Car in Lake Worth

Junk car buyers make it easy to sell your car in Lake Worth and surrounding cities. Our tow company is located in Lake Worth, so we’ll arrive quickly to remove your junk car, truck or SUV from your property. We highly recommend you call us to ensure you avoid junk car buying scammers who may take advantage of you. Our towing company offers reliable and safe junk car removal, and we treat our customers with the utmost respect. Our junk car-selling clientele loves our service and trusts us to buy their vehicles.

Cash For Cars Lake Worth

You’ll love our cash for cars service in Lake Worth. We make it easy for car sellers in South Florida to sell their junk cars for cash. We have over 15 years of towing experience working in the local community. We love our customers in the Lake Worth area and strive to offer the best junk car removal service. When you call us, you’ll get fair market value for your vehicle, we’ll show up when we say we will, and you’ll get paid cold hard cash as soon as we show up.