Florida Turnpike Roadside Assistance and Towing

Having a breakdown, getting a flat tire, or having mechanical problems can be stressful when it happens on the Florida Turnpike. Depending on where it occurs, you could be several miles from a service plaza or the next exit ramp, making you feel stranded. Thankfully help is available by making a quick text or phone call. Road Rangers, Florida Highway Patrol and local tow companies will assist you when problems occur.

Roadside assistance on the Florida Turnpike is not just limited to cars. Motorcycles and even vehicle trailers may have issues and require tire changes or a tow. While Road Rangers and the FHP can assist with minor issues like changing a tire for you or helping you get gas, tow companies are needed to get your vehicle to a safe location or a repair shop. This is why we recommend you save a trusted tow company’s number in your phone so you are not left standing on the side of the road trying to find one.

If you pay for a roadside assistance plan or your insurance company or cell phone carrier provides one, you can give them a call to come and assist you. The only downside to these services is that you don’t know which tow company is coming, whether they are equipped to help you and how long it will take for them to get to you. One of the biggest complaints about roadside assistance plans is the long wait times for a tow truck to arrive after calling for service.

Advantages of Tow Company Roadside Assistance

There are a few advantages to calling a local tow company for roadside assistance over using a paid service like AAA or Good Sam. When a tow company provides roadside assistance, they usually arrive much faster than a service provider because when you make the call, they have to dispatch the work order to a 3rd party tow company. If the tow provider is backed up with calls, it could take several hours for them to arrive, leaving you waiting on the side of the road.  While roadside assistance service companies have advantages, sometimes it is much easier to call a local tow company and pay out of pocket for services.

Florida’s Turnpike FDOT Road Rangers Safety Patrol

The Florida Department of Transportation provides a complimentary roadside assistance service along the turnpike to drivers experiencing issues with their cars called road rangers safety patrols. You’ll see their service vehicles driving up and down the Florida turnpike and I-95. If you have a breakdown, run out of gas or get a flat tire while driving, the road rangers will pull over to assist you. This free-to-use service is provided to protect drivers while on the side of the highway and to get back on the road quickly.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Towing

Access to emergency roadside assistance towing is necessary when driving long distances in the State of Florida. It gives drivers peace of mind knowing they can have their vehicle towed to a repair shop when something goes wrong. The cost of emergency roadside assistance varies, so it is up to you to decide if you want to sign up for an annual plan or pay only when needed. You can also check with your insurance company or cell phone carrier to determine if your policy includes roadside assistance or free towing services. If so, make sure to have their roadside assistance phone number saved in your phone if you need to call them for help. If you do not have access to a roadside assistance plan, save your favorite tow truck company’s contact information so you can call them when you need them.