Is Roadside Assistance Worth It?

We think having a roadside assistance plan is a good idea because if and when your car breaks down you know you can call someone to help. Roadside assistance services give comfort to drivers who may not have a friend or family member readily available if something were to happen. You’ll also have reassurance if something goes wrong with the car you are driving when traveling long distances or even out of state.

Some people feel roadside assistance is expensive until they need it. Getting a flat tire in the middle of the night or locking your keys inside your vehicle are common roadside assistance requests.

Roadside Assistance Towing

What makes these plans even more desirable is the discounted or free towing service that is provided. Some roadside plans will require you to pay a tow deductible while others may offer completely free towing. Tow options depend on the type of roadside service plan you choose. Many plans also allow the account holder to request tow services if they are riding in someone else’s vehicle that breaks down. As long as you are a passenger and you need help, your roadside assistance company will send a tow truck to the rescue.

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or a car warranty, chances are you are covered. Check your contract to find out if towing is provided.

Why Parents with Teens Need Roadside Assistance Plans

We are parents and it’s scary thinking about what can happen to teens when they are driving on their own. Young drivers experience car problems just like everyone else. Having a roadside assistance plan gives you and your child reassurance that help is a call away if something were to happen. When you sign up, you can add your teens to your roadside assistance plan. Some companies do not charge anything to provide services to teen drivers like the AAA’s free Teen Membership.

Benefits of Having Roadside Assistance

People who have older vehicles will always benefit from having a roadside assistance plan as will new car owners. Not only can a roadside assistance plan help you change a flat tire, but they can also deliver gas if you run out. Car not starting? They’ll come and give you a jump wherever you are. Need a tow? They’ll contact a local tow company to have a truck dispatched to pick up your vehicle.

On top of all of the help you get when you’re in need, you’ll also save hundreds on towing costs with discounted rates. We provide roadside assistance services and can tell you that it is necessary in South Florida. The customers we help feel the money spent to have access to roadside help is worth every penny.