Should I Call My Insurance Company For a Flat Tire?

Before you call your insurance company about a flat tire on your vehicle, you’ll want to look over the available coverage. It’s very likely that your policy does not include replacing or fixing tires. You’re better off calling a tow truck to come assist you with your flat tire than you are calling your insurance company.

Does Car Insurance Cover Tire Blowouts?

Most car insurance companies do not include flat tires as a part of their coverage. Wear and tear to the wheels on your car from daily use is the reason why your insurance won’t cover the cost of blown or flat tire replacement. Another reason why insurance companies do not cover flat-tire repair is that your deductible on your policy may be more than the cost to replace or fix the tire.

While insurance companies won’t help with wheel damage issues, they do assist if your tires have been slashed or you have been in a collision. You’ll need a police report if you have experienced either of the scenarios before calling your insurance company to file a claim.

If you recently purchased your tires and now you have a flat, check the tiremakers warranty policy to find out how long repair and replacement of tires are included. Tire manufacturer warranties are typically in effect for 12 months from the date of the purchase or until the first 2/32nds of tread is worn off.

Tire Blowout

Having your tire blowout is considered normal wear and tear. Even if you puncture your tire by driving over a nail in a sharp object, your insurance company will not pay to repair or replace the tires.

Old or Worn Out Tires

Driving around on old or worn-out tires is the most common cause of tire damage and blowouts. Insurance companies treat bad tires as another wear and reason issue. It’s the responsibility of the vehicle owner to maintain their tires.

Nail In Tire

A nail puncturing and damaging a tire is not covered by your insurance policy. Just like the other two reasons, a nail in a tire falls under standard damage caused by driving the vehicle around. There is a bit of exception to the rule if someone purposly puts nails under your tires or if you’re driving down a street and a box of nails falls out of a work truck puncturing most or all of your tires. If this happens, file a police report. You may be able to file a loss claim with your insurance company if they deem it was malice.

Types of Tire Damage Covered By Insurance

While the majority of tire damage-related issues can’t be claimed on your policy, there are a few situations that your insurance company will cover; tire damage from an accident or vandalism. We recommend you check your policy to confirm if tire repair or replacement is included by your insurance carrier. If you are unsure, call or email your insurance agent and they can confirm if tires are included under your current auto insurance.

Blown tires that cause damage to your vehicle’s body are covered by your policy. You’ll need to file a claim to have the exterior of your car, truck, SUV or van fixed at a local paint and body shop or collision center.

Vandalized or Slashed Tires

Your insurance company should cover the cost to replace tires on your vehicle if they have been slashed or vandalized. Car tires that have been damaged by having the sidewalls stabbed or the air valves cut may result in your insurance company pays to replace them after you pay your deductible. Vehicles that have their wheels stolen will be covered under your policy. In order to file a claim for cut or vandalized tires, you’ll need a police report. Your insurance company will require it to investigate and pay your damage or theft claim.

Tires Damaged Due Collision or Accident

Cars that have been in a fender bender that resulted in your tire or tires going flat are usually covered by your insurance company. Sometimes tires go flat from breaking hard prior to the collision or they can blow out the impact. When your insurance company pays to restore your vehicle, they have to replace the damaged tires with new ones.

Flat Tire Roadside Assistance

There are lots of roadside assistance programs that offer help with flat tires. Some roadside assistance companies will provide tow services to the tire repair shop while others may provide tire replacement services. Check your plan to find out if they cover tires and what types of assistance are available before assuming they do.

You can also call a local tow company to help with a flat tire if you do not know how to put on a spare tire or you’re having trouble with your donut. They’ll get you back on the road quickly so you can get your tire fixed quickly.