Recovery Towing Services For Stuck Cars, Trucks and SUVs

You’re out having a great time, and suddenly, you find your car, truck or SUV is stuck and need professional help. Don’t worry. In South Florida, this happens constantly, and tow truck drivers are prepared to get your vehicle unstuck. Emergency recovery towing services will be required if you experience a breakdown while mudding or your wheels are stuck and you can’t get your car out.

Getting Your Vehicle Out Of Mud, Water or Ditches

Depending on the vehicle’s location, some tow drivers may not be able to access it due to the size or weight of the tow truck. When you call a local tow company for recovery towing services, give them exact details on the location and the road or terrain to determine if they can reach the vehicle. Expert tow truck drivers will have methods they can use to get your car, truck or SUV dug out and pulled back onto the road. It may require the tow person to physically reach the vehicle on their own feet to attach a tow cable that can be used to drag the car out safely.

Don’t attempt to tow a stuck vehicle using another car or truck. You can cause significant damage if the vehicle is lodged deep and debris is blocking it from moving. If your car is submerged in water, leave it to the professionals to pull it out.

All-Terrain Vehicle Tow Recovery Services

When an all-terrain vehicle gets stuck on an unpaved road or on a path, emergency recovery services may be needed to safely retrieve it. Heavy ATVs should be towed rather than pushed to prevent injury. The same applies to 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and utility terrain vehicles, you should get help from a tow company if one of these vehicles breaks down or gets stuck rather than attempting to move it yourself.

South Florida Emergency Towing

Give us a call if you have driven off the road and find yourself stuck in mud or water. We provide emergency recovery services in Palm Beach County. We have over ten years of experience towing cars, trucks, SUVs and all-terrain vehicles in South Florida. Our company has recovered hundreds of cars that have ended up in local lakes, canals and even deep puddles after major thunderstorms and hurricanes.