Best Ways To Tow Your Motorcycle

Whether you need your motorcycle transported from one location to another or you’ve experienced a breakdown, you’ll need to find the best way to tow your motorcycle to ensure it arrives at its destination. The most way to tow a motorcycle is to secure it on a trailer. Unfortunately, if you don’t own or have access to a trailer, you’ll need to find another way to move your motorcycle.

Safely Towing Motorcycles

Anyone can tow a motorcycle however that doesn’t mean it’s a safe way of transporting it. We’ve seen people put unsecured motorcycles in the flat-bed of their pickup trucks which is extremely risky. You want the motorbike to be tethered and strapped down to prevent it from coming loose and falling to the ground. By properly tieing it down and securing the motorcycle will make transporting it much easier than just tossing it on a trailer and hoping for the best.

Tow Motorcycle With Truck or Car

If you can afford to purchase a trailer to transport your motorcycle, it’s one of the most convenient ways to move a motorbike. You can also ask a friend if you can borrow their trailer however most times relying on others can be a bigger burden than just calling a professional tow company.

Before loading your motorcycle on a trailer, the first thing you need to check is to make sure the trailer is properly attached to your vehicle and the trailer taillights are working. When positioning your motorcycle on the trailer after loading it, you’ll need to tie down the motorbike to secure it to the trailer. We recommend using ratchet straps as they can be tightened easily. You can also use cam buckles to tie the bike down.

The most important part is to maximize tension on the motorcycle’s suspension to reduce shock loading during transport.

Tow Truck Motorcycle Towing Service

The best way to tow your motorcycle is to hire a professional tow company like Native Towing to transport your motorbike. Tow companies take extra precautions when towing motorcycles to prevent anything from going wrong. Tow truck drivers are experienced in tying down motorbikes so they make it to their destination safely. You’ll also have comfort in knowing that tow companies are licensed and insured so if something does happen during transport, you are covered.

Towing a Motorcycle With a Tow Rope

While this is an option, we highly recommend against towing your motorcycle with a tow rope tied to a vehicle or another motorbike. We only recommend using a tow rope if you are in a rural or wooded area if it is the only way to get your motorcycle. If you’re into trail riding, you should always carry a tow rope with you in case something goes wrong. It’ll make it a lot easier to get your motorcycle back to the main road where it can be loaded on a trailer or a tow truck.

We’ll Tow Your Motorcycle In South Florida

Native Towing transports motorcycles all over South Florida from Martin County to Miami-Dade. We take extra care of your motorbike and treat it as our own. Our motorcycle towing services allow you to have peace of mind knowing your motorbike is in trusted hands and will make it to its’ final destination without any issues.