Can a Lowered Car or Truck Be Towed?

Yes, lowered cars and trucks can be towed on a flatbed tow truck. Using a flatbed tow truck makes it easier to load a low vehicle because the vehicle doesn’t have to be lifted up. Using a flatbed rather than a wheel lift tow truck to transport a lowrider reduces the risk of causing damage to bumpers, side skirts and wheels.

Avoid towing your lowrider with a wheel lift tow truck at all costs. Your vehicle could easily be damaged by bumps in the road that cause your vehicle to shift or move up and down during transport. The same allies to tow bars and ropes, don’t use either of these to tow your lowered vehicle.

Getting a Lowered Car On a Tow Truck

Not all towing companies are capable of safely getting a lowered vehicle on their tow truck. On-loading a car or truck that has been lowered onto a tow truck requires skill and some finesse to prevent damaging the vehicle. Native Towing has experience with towing dropped cars and we’re considered one of the best tow transport companies in South Florida.

Depending on how low the vehicle is to the ground, inclines may be needed under the front tire to give the lowered car or truck enough lift to get it over the tow truck’s flatbed lip. While the edge of the flatbed is not high off the ground when is lowered, it can still clip the front of a really low front bumper. Sometimes lowriders may need to be loaded on the tow truck backward with the trunk of the vehicle against the cab.

Brave Auto International Ltd has a good video on YouTube showing how a lowered car is loaded on a flatbed truck if you would like to see how it’s done.

Properly Towing a Lowrider

Lowered vehicles need to be strapped down to hold them in place while allowing enough slack for up and down movement while the vehicle is in transport. Due to the car or truck already being low to the ground, there isn’t as much space between the vehicle and the flatbed under it. If a lowrider is placed on a tow truck and it’s too close to the ground, your vehicle may sustain damage from movement caused by transport.

How Do You Haul a Lowered Vehicle

Once the lowered car or truck is loaded on the tow truck and secured, it’s transported just like any other vehicle. The hardest part about towing a dropped car is getting it on the truck. Once the vehicle is loaded, it’s business as usual. The tow truck driver will carefully drive your vehicle to where it needs to go. Upon arriving, the tow driver will take precautions to unload your vehicle safely off the truck.

Unloading a Dropped Car From a Tow Truck

Getting a lowered car or truck off a tow truck is done just as carefully as loading it. The vehicle is unloaded slowly to ensure the bottom of the car does not scrape against the ground as it’s being taken off the truck. The flatbed may need to be adjusted to ensure a smooth dismount. When the driver has the vehicle back on the ground, do a walkaround to ensure your lowered car or truck is in the same condition as it was before being towed. If there is any damage, report it immediately to the tow company.