Classic Car Towing Services

Classic cars are unique and one-of-a-kind vehicles that require special treatment when being towed to ensure they arrive safely and without damage to their destination. This is why classic car owners must find a trusted and reliable towing company that is experienced in transporting classic vehicles. Many collectors of classic cars favor native Towing and Transport to tow their vintage vehicles. We have several years of experience loading and unloading classic cars.

Towing Antique Cars

When it is time to hire a towing company to move your antique car, you’ll want to hire a tow truck with a flatbed. Towing classic cars on the bed of a tow truck ensures the vehicle doesn’t suffer any damage while being transported. Owners of antique vehicles should avoid having their cars pulled behind a tow truck. While it may be cheaper to do so, you risk damaging your vehicle.

Collector Car Transport

Palm Beach County is home to many classic cars, and we transport lots of them. Whether you are having it serviced, relocated or need it towed to a local car show, we can help. Our collector car transport services are affordable. We treat your classic car with the respect it deserves. When we arrive, you’ll quickly realize that we genuinely care about your vehicle and provide the best collector car service in South Florida.

Vintage Car Hauling Company

Vintage cars are irreplaceable and need special glove treatment when being transported. You don’t want just anyone towing it, as an inexperienced tow truck driver could damage your vintage vehicle. Native Towing and Transport is your best choice for towing your vintage car or truck in South Florida. We carefully load and unload it. We also ensure the vehicle is secured safely and properly on our flatbed tow truck. Owners of vintage vehicles don’t have to worry or stress when you call us to transport their cars. Our tow company is one of the best in the West Palm Beach area to move your vintage car.