Do Repair Shops Offer Free Towing Services

Some repair shops will provide free tow services however finding them can be a bit difficult as it’s not a service that is advertised. When automotive repair shops cover towing costs, they can quickly add up depending on the number of cars needing repairs. Hiring a tow truck to transport a vehicle broken down due to mechanical issues can be expensive, depending on how far the auto mechanic shop is from where the car is located. On average, a tow costs between $75.00 to $125.00 in Palm Beach County, Florida and can go as high as $1000 if the tow truck has to drive a long distance.

How Do Repair Shops Afford To Provide Free Towing?

Major car repairs like engine replacements can cost thousands of dollars. Automotive repair shops specializing in major repairs can usually afford to cover the cost of towing a vehicle. As a courtesy, the repair shop may offer to have your car transported to its location rather than forcing the vehicle owner to pay for it.

Another way a mechanic can afford to provide free towing to their shop is because they have a special arrangement with a local tow company or driver. Usually, a flat rate price is negotiated between the mechanic shop and the towing provider. This can save the auto shop hundreds of dollars every month to tow customer cars. It is also an excellent perk for loyal customers who always bring their vehicles to the same shop.

Free Towing To Collision Centers

When you are in an accident and file a claim, you can request your insurance company to provide tow service to get the damaged vehicle to the auto body shop, where the repairs will be made. Usually, the car is taken directly from the scene to your collision repair center of choice at the accident scene. If you are injured and taken away from the wreck, or you are unsure where to have it repaired, the tow company can transport it to your private property, or they can store it for a day or two until you pick the collision center where it’ll be fixed, and you’ve received the green light from your insurer to begin the repairs.

Complimentary Junk Car Tow Removal

Free junk car towing is available. Suppose you have a junk car taking up space in your driveway, or do you have the skeletons of an old car lying in your yard it can be towed away for free by a tow truck company that is also a junk car buyer. They will not only transport it away, but they will also file the necessary paperwork to salvage the vehicle officially, so it is no longer registered to you. You’ll even make a few bucks in most situations where you’re getting rid of a junk car. Most junk car buyers will pay you cash for removing your vehicle and towing it to a local junkyard, salvage yard or automotive recycling center.