Tow Truck Service To Local Auto Repair Shop

When your car breaks down, you’ll need to hire a reliable tow truck service to help transport your vehicle to your favorite auto repair shop in South Florida. Whether your car stops working at home or while you’re driving it around town, a local tow company is just a call away.

Broken parts can cause other components to break or blow an engine if you start up the vehicle and drive it to the mechanic’s shop. To prevent paying for damages caused by self attempts to get the vehicle to the repair shop, let a professional tow person do it the right way. They’ll get your vehicle to the shop safely.

Even if you can drive your vehicle after detecting mechanical issues, you are better off having it towed than attempting to move it yourself, which could cause additional damage. Luckily, companies like ours are available any time during the day or night to take your vehicle to your mechanic or body shop.

How To Get Your Car Towed To A Mechanic

You should first call the repair or auto body shop to let them know that you need to have work done on your vehicle. At the same time, find out if they can make arrangements to get your car, truck or SUV towed over to their facility. Some service centers have their own tow guys to pick up customer vehicles, while others may refrain from referring any company and instead advise you to find a tow truck on your own. If you need to find a tow company on your own, keep our contact info saved on your phone. We’ll get your vehicle to the shop of your choice.

After Hours Towing To Car Repair Shop

Having a vehicle stop working at night or on holidays is highly frustrating. A towing company can lessen the burden of bringing a car into an automotive repair shop after hours yourself by calling a towing company to take it there for you. Tow truck drivers are used to working in the off-hours. Many have great relationships with local service centers and mechanic shop owners, which will ensure your vehicle is delivered to their repair shops and secured on their lot until the next operating business day.

Free Towing To Your Mechanic

Many mechanics in Palm Beach County can refer you to their go-to towing company to help transport your damaged vehicle to their repair shop. They may even have unique partnerships with tow truck companies to offer discounted rates or a free 1-way tow to get your car to their auto repair shop. Another way to get free or cheap towing to your mechanic is to use your roadside assistance service plan. Each roadside assistance company offers different towing services and rates, so you’ll need to check directly with them to determine if your tow to the repair shop is covered.

Repair Towing Services

A towing repair service will save you a lot of time when transporting your vehicle to a mechanic. If you work or you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you the time to transport your working vehicle to a repair shop, you can call a tow truck to take it in for you. When a tow company drops a vehicle off for service, maintenance or repairs rather than taking it yourself, you won’t have to stand around waiting for it to be fixed. Instead, the tow driver will transport your car to the mechanic shop, and then you can have it towed back to your location when the repairs have been completed. It’s a stress-free way to get your vehicle running great again without wasting your valuable time sitting at a mechanic shop or service center.