Towing a Golf Cart

In South Florida, golf carts are a popular mode of transportation, and sometimes you will need it towed. There are several options for transporting a golf cart, including using a trailer, a truck bed, specialized golf cart transporter or a tow truck. When transporting a golf cart, one of the safest ways to take it from one place to another is by hiring a professional towing company to do it for you.

Best Way To Transport a Golf Cart

Not all golf carts are designed to be towed, and when this is the case, you should have it transported on a flatbed tow truck. Towing a golf cart secured on a flatbed tow truck is the safest way to transport golf carts.

If you plan on towing a golf cart yourself, ensure it is designed for towing, or you may damage it. Make sure the vehicle you are using can tow the golf cart’s weight. Rather than loading it on the bed of your personal truck, the easiest way to tow a golf cart is by using a trailer, but you can also tow it using a tow bar. You’ll need to check that the trailer or the tow car is rated for the weight of the golf cart you are towing.

Using a Tow Bar

You will need to ensure that the tow bar is securely attached to the vehicle and golf cart. Another important thing to check is that the golf cart is designed for towing before attempting to tow it using a tow bar.

To determine if a golf cart can be towed, consult the owner’s manual or contact the golf cart manufacturer. They will be able to tell you if the golf cart is designed for towing and what the weight capacity is. Most gas-powered golf carts and some electric golf carts are designed for towing.

Using a Personal Trailer

You can also use a personal towing trailer as long as it is rated for the weight of the golf cart. Ensure the trailer has a ramp to load and unload the golf cart. You must also secure the golf cart to the trailer using straps or chains to prevent it from moving during transport. If you plan on using a specialized golf cart transporter, make sure it is designed for your golf cart type. Some golf cart transporters are designed specifically for certain types of golf carts and may not be suitable for others.

Easiest Way to Tow a Golf Cart

The easiest way to tow a golf cart is by using a trailer. Trailers are designed specifically for transporting vehicles and are rated for specific weights. Make sure that the trailer you choose is rated for the weight of your golf cart. Additionally, trailers have ramps to load and unload the golf cart, making it easier to transport.

Golf Car Tow Service

If you do not have the equipment to tow or transport a golf cart yourself, you can use a golf car tow service. These services specialize in transporting golf carts and have the proper equipment to transport them safely.

When choosing a golf car tow service, check to make sure the towing company is licensed and insured. Additionally, check their reviews and ratings to verify the towing service has a good reputation. Finally, ensure they have experience in transporting golf carts and use the proper equipment to do so.