Why Is Towing So Expensive?

Buying a tow truck is not cheap. New flatbed tow trucks start around $100,000 each, and some can be as expensive as $250,000 depending on the size, features and towing capability, which is just one of the reasons why towing companies have to charge rates that may seem expensive to most people. However, most tow truck drivers charge a fair industry rate. On top of paying off a tow truck, drivers also have to make a living. Having a tow truck payment can also eat a large portion of the profits made from towing. Until a tow truck is paid off, which many towing companies finance, they have to charge competitive rates while covering overhead costs.

Tow Trucks Are Expensive to Operate

Maintenance of a tow truck needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure it is operating properly. Oil changes are needed on a regular basis. Sometimes parts break and rather than having a tow truck down, repairs are made the same day. Parts like batteries, alternators and starters are costly to replace. With rising gas prices, the cost to drive tow trucks around town transporting vehicles from point a to b is also more expensive. Many tow trucks require the use of diesel or a higher grade of fuel to run.

Towing Licenses & Insurance Are Costly

On top of paying for a tow truck and having to maintain it, drivers also have to be properly licensed and insured in the county and state they operate. These fees are paid annually and can add up quickly when a tow company has multiple tow trucks. Insuring a tow truck is also expensive due to the risk of incidents happening while loading, transporting and removing vehicles. The amount of personal protection along with comprehensive and collision coverage needed can be expensive. If and when a tow truck has an accident, even minor, rates go up. It’s nearly impossible to avoid some sort of mismap when you’re driving hundreds of miles in a tow truck every week. The same applies to traffic violations which means tow truck drivers need to be extra careful to not rack up tickets.

How Can I Save Money On Towing Fees?

To save money on your next tow, you should consider signing up for a roadside assistance service. These services provide tow help and can cut the cost of transporting a broken down car. The annual fee usually covers the cost of the 1st tow meaning if you are having car issues, you’ll eventually need to be towed a second time or maybe even a third. This is why a roadside assistance plan is great. It’ll save you money in the long run because additional tows will not cost you extra.

Your other option is to check with your cell phone carrier. Some offer their own roadside assistance plans that can get you a free or a cheap tow. You’ll usually end up paying $50 total regardless of the distance as long as your plan covers it.

If all else fails, call Native Towing & Transport. We offer affordable tow rates to our customers in South Florida.