We Buy Scrap Cars For Cash

Our towing company buys scrap cars for cash in South Florida. We provide a free car removal service to help get rid of clunkers and recycle them properly at local wrecking and salvage yards. By selling your old car for scrap, not only will you pocket some cash for your vehicle, but you’ll also help the environment. You get paid, and the junker gets a vehicle to recycle. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Keeping a scrap car on your property takes up a lot of space and should be sold to prevent hazardous waste from contaminating your driveway or yard. Vehicles left outside and abandoned will eventually begin leaking oils and fluids, causing harm to the ground below. Exterior parts that are still in good condition and can be resold will start to show signs of age and extreme damage from sun exposure.

Cash For Scrap Vehicles

Cars that are damaged beyond repair may not be worth anything to the person who owns it, but the vehicle still has value. Salvage companies will harvest and recycle precious metals. Junkyards who are on the lookout to buy scrap cars will remove automotive parts they can resell locally or online.

Wrecking yards will take the remains, usually consisting of the frame and unusable leftover parts, and crush them into portable pieces that are then taken to melting facilities.

Here is an informative video to watch from a California waste management facility showing how cars are crushed, smelted and recycled.

You’ll see how a giant claw picks up a vehicle. The claw drops the car on a conveyor belt transporting the vehicle to an extra-large metal crushing blender. Once the automobile is crushed into scrap pieces, the remains are taken to a local steel mill to go through the smelting process that turns metal into what looks like liquid lava.

Sell Your Scrap Car, Truck or SUV

Auto wreckers will make an offer to buy your broken-down car, truck or SUV for cash. Selling a vehicle that is beyond repair or looks like a pile of scrap after an accident can get you paid. No matter the condition, a junk car buyer is interested in buying it.

Native Towing Wants To Buy Your Scrap Car

Sell your scrap car, truck or SUV to the most trusted tow company in Palm Beach County. Native Towing has over 200 5-star reviews on Google, you can be confident in knowing that you’re using the best junk car buyer in your local area.